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Customers should find you instead of you finding customers. Understanding customer financial situation, goals and helping the customer find the best mortgage solution is what you enjoy. Signup with FairBroker® and increase your business.

Mortgage Brokers - Free Leads
  • Free access forever
  • Genuine qualified clients that are keen to use broker service to get mortgage
  • Comprehensive information about qualified clients to enable suitable product selection and negotiation with lender
  • Dedicated page with your contact details, services offered etc. to market your services

How it Works

Review Offers

Review Deal Requests

Thousands of customers create Deal Requests on FairBroker® platform. Create an account and login to FairBroker® platform. Review thousands of Deal Requests listed and match it with mortgage deals you can offer.

Request Deal

Offer Deal

Once you found a mortgage deal to offer, quickly create an offer. It takes less than 5 minutes to create an offer. Ensure you create an attractive offer. You can create an attractive offer by offering to share commission or value added services such as property report, house visits etc.

Request Deal

Close Deal

Once customer accepts your deal, you will be notified. You will get access to customer contact details. Contact the customer and close the deal. Please note, you still need to ensure all the NCCP regulations are followed.


Competitive and Best Mortgage Deals

Qualified Client

You get access to comprehensive information about the client and their financial, employment and credit situation. We ensure you have access to detailed information about the client situation to allow you to find the best mortgage deal possible that you can offer the client.

Open and Transparent Mortgage Marketplace


You are not limited by your physical location. A mortgage broker in Sydney can offer a mortgage deal to a client from Cairns. With our partners, we also help you ID the client or collect documents as and when the deal progresses to advanced stage.

Mortgages from wide lender panel

Free Access

We promise to keep access to FairBroker® platform free for ever. FairBroker® vision is to make it possible for a client to find the best mortgage broker who can get the client best mortgage deal and provide best in class service.

Lowest interest rate mortgage


Recent changes in regulatory requirements in the form of Best Interest Duty (BID) makes it mandatory for mortgage brokers to keep records to prove they have followed Best Interest of customer. FairBroker® platform is an open platform for any mortgage broker to submit attractive deal to client. You acquire a client on FairBroker® platform after competing with other mortgage brokers because you had the best interest of client with the deal you offered.

Secure and Safe Communication


You do not have to chase the real estate agents, accountants, financial advisers to get leads. You do not have to spend money on advertising campaigns or sponsor local events. On FairBroker® users are looking for best mortgage deal to match their personal preferences and situation. You can meet all their requirements sitting at your desk and submitting offers matching client preferences and personal situation.

Bank-Grade technology used to secure consumer data

Level Playing Field

The vision of FairBroker® is to ensure quality of mortgage offer and quality of service provided by mortgage broker should be the only criteria for success. Success for a mortgage broker should not be influenced by the sales, marketing or the relationship management with lead generators such as real estate agents, financial advisers, accountants etc. On FairBroker® every mortgage broker gets equal opportunity to compete on mortgage broking skills


Mortgage Brokers and Lenders

Is there any cost associated with this service?

No, there is no cost associated with using the service. The service is free and will always remain free. We intend to build value added services which do not compromise our mission of transparent and equal opportunity platform. These value added services will be available as optional services for platform users.

If I need more information on a Deal Request, how can I request more information?

You can request more information using messaging functionality. The user who requested deal will be able to respond back with information requested. The messaging section, including any questions you asked is visible to all the mortgage brokers and lenders on the platform to ensure same query is not raised again.

What if the information provided by user in deal request cannot be substantiated with documentation?

In such circumstances, the broker is not obligated to honour the offered deal. Please report such deal requests through the portal.

What will happen if I do not honour the deal offer?

FairBroker® provides an opportunity for all mortgage brokers and lenders to offer their services to customers there by enabling customer to choose the best available service. If you do not honour the deal offer, the user is given an option to rate your service and it may impact your business further both on FairBroker® and off it.

Can I see the deals offered by other mortgage brokers and lenders?

No. Limited information such as lenders whose products have been offered, how many deals have been offered is visible to all mortgage brokers and lenders.

How can I make my offer standout?

There is no silver bullet. It is important to ensure you have confidence on offer you make. You can create best mortgage deal offer to differentiate yourself by:

  • Finding best mortgage deal by searching across your panel of lenders
  • Offering to share commission received from lenders
  • Offering additional services at no extra cost

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