How does FairBroker® help you find the best mortgage deal?

FairBroker® platform allows the consumer to find the best mortgage broker or lender with access to the best mortgage deal to meet consumer requirements. FairBroker® accomplishes this in a transparent and unbiased manner.

How does FairBroker help you find best mortgage deal?
FairBroker® – Free, Transparent and Level Playing Field

FairBroker® provides every mortgage broker and lender on its platform equal opportunity and a level playing field to compete. To succeed on the FairBroker® platform, a mortgage broker or lender has to follow 2 simple steps

  • Offer best mortgage deal that meets borrower requirement
  • Offer additional value-added service that differentiates your deal from others and best customer service

How is FairBroker® different from a mortgage broker?

It is important to understand the tools a mortgage broker uses to service borrowers. Mortgage Broker has access to a wide range of lenders mortgage products through software called mortgage aggregator. Few important points to note:

  • No single aggregator has all the lenders in Australia on their panel
  • A mortgage broker is allowed to use only one aggregator

As a result, the mortgage products that any mortgage broker has access to is dependent on the lender panel of the aggregator used by a mortgage broker. This limits the capability of a mortgage broker to find the best mortgage deal available in Australia to meet borrower’s requirements.

Current State – Why is it difficult to find the best mortgage deal?

The shortcomings of the current operating model of mortgage brokers can be resolved by bringing together mortgage brokers and representatives of lenders who do not participate with any aggregators. By bringing together mortgage brokers and lenders on a single platform and creating a competitive environment, the consumer will be able to find the best mortgage deal available in Australia.

Future State – Find best mortgage deal on FairBroker® platform

FairBroker® is revolutionary. FairBroker® platform is made available to consumers, mortgage brokers and lenders free.

It is our mission to ensure transparency and the best outcome for the borrower and hard-working mortgage broker. Looking for a mortgage or looking to refinance your existing mortgage? Create a deal request on FairBroker® and get unbiased mortgage advice and assured commission share from mortgage brokers.

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